From SOPHE National:

SOPHE Journals Release June Issues

Delve into the latest health education and promotion advancements with the recent releases of SOPHE’s journals: Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Health Education & Behavior.

Pedagogy in Health Promotion focuses on advancing teaching methods in health promotion by designing, implementing, and evaluating learning experiences. This journal is a valuable resource for educators seeking to promote effective learning outcomes.

Health Education & Behavior explores the full lifecycle of health education and social-behavioral interventions. By examining the planning, implementation, management, and assessment of these programs, the journal aims to develop evidence-based strategies for improving health outcomes.

Be sure to check out the latest issues of both journals for insightful research, tools, and

resources. SOPHE members can access the journals online by logging onto their MySOPHE account and accessing the Publications tab.